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Tips on Optimizing Your Landing Page

Landing pages are a key component of online marketing campaigns. A landing page is specially designed to generate sales or capture leads. Landing pages are often the main destination of paid online marketing campaigns, and a lot of money and resources are spent driving traffic to these pages.

Since landing pages are focused on conversions, improving their performance can lead to significant improvements in business results. That’s where LPO comes in.

Optimizing a landing page ensures that you achieve the highest possible conversion rate from the visitors who arrive at that landing page. Landing page optimization can help you lower your customer acquisition costs, acquire more customers and maximize the value of your ad spend.

When getting started with LPO, you’ll want to consider all the following steps of the sales conversion funnel which includes two distinct steps: optimizing different traffic sources and playing around with on-page elements.

Optimizing for different traffic sources - Potential website traffic that came by clicking on a paid search ad (e.g., Google Adwords) will perform differently than traffic that came from social media ad spend.

Playing around with on-page elements - These are the more commonly discussed landing page optimization tips that you read about and include things like testing different value propositions, changing form fields, and including more social proof.

Start by understanding your traffic sources - Landing page conversion rate optimization begins by understanding which traffic sources potential customers are coming from. Typically, web marketers are juggling three to five different online marketing campaigns that span Google Ads, Linked In, influencer marketing, TV, Reddit, and other channels where their target audience might exist.

It’s important to understand what traffic channels you’re using to acquire potential customers and how to create a landing page that maintains the same messaging across different mediums.

For example, say you run a sock e-commerce business and you are running paid search ads on Google Adwords and promoting pins on Pinterest. If you’re bidding on the keyword, then you will want to design a landing page experience that is congruent with the searcher’s intent--specifically describing what temperatures your socks are suitable for and how the wearer might feel in different locations.

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